Andy Warhol at Brooklyn Museum

Caught this exhibit as my final event before leaving New York.  This was another facet of this enigma, his Catholic side.  Little insight was gained from the exhibition, however, my wallet was lighter after a 40 plus dollar charge for myself and daughter’s beau.  All that said let’s visit..

Warhol was a homosexual and during his time the Catholic Church did not acknowledge, but rather ignored the issue.  If only they did the same with abortion, I digress…  Raised closely in a healthy relationship with his mother, (his father died prematurely), he attended The Byzantine Catholic Church regularly. 

Warhol and his mother

In the 1950’s Warhol became a successful New York illustrator. His Christmas cards often had religious themes.

Madonna and Child, 1950

Later in 1985, Christian consumerism was seen in his works. Here the Madonna from the Sistine Chapel with a $6.99 price tag.

In Two Heads and Clasped Hands, 1955, a gay man is attempting to understand the Catholic Church’s view of homosexuality.

Warhol also met the Pope during a visit to Italy.

After his near death experience he became more faithful with regular church attendance.  A woman who claimed he stole her screenplay shot Warhol numerous times.  After this incident his life was never the same, and he became more protective of his life and privacy.

Picture of the wounds inflicted on Warhol post shooting- he was required to wear a girdle to keep his organs protected after this incident.

Some works which came from this incident. 

The exhibit also had one of his films, The Chelsea Girls, 1966, playing continuously.  Graphic in nudity, and sex, it portrayed glamourous women of this NYC era.  It was his most commercial success in this genre and there were references to Catholicism, however, those viewing along with me were quite repulsed.  Not a good way to end my New York City adventure.

Some final works from the exhibit.


On the same floor as the Warhol exhibit was Monet to Morisot.  This exhibit was refreshing.  Take a gander.

One final note…  

Donate, pray and do whatever you can for the people of Ukraine.

We are so blessed.

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