Russian War: Let’s Send Ziggy

St. Margaret of Scotland

Watched Margaret Brennan in action earlier today. She went after a Chinese diplomat tooth and nail about making more attempts to call Russia out… While I applaud her attempts it was one of those moments where she could have stopped – as she had him at hello with his comment, “We share a 4000 mile border with Russia.” While not a huge fan of China I can understand their position.

Chinese Soldier in my garden

The US is across the ocean while China is the next door neighbor. And the way this Russian madman is going who is to say he couldn’t change direction, find another 150,000 troops, and cross the Russian-Chinese border?? The world is watching…………………….

Which brings me to Lindsey Graham, another guy who I am not a fan of, nor respect. However, on his point of assassinating this narcissistic demon I believe he is correct. I’m told there are several bounties on the devil’s head, even one on a go fund me page for 50 million.

It’s worth a try by some terrorist, and who knows what’s in the works??

This week on US1 in Florida I was almost run off the road by a guy in a big truck with Ziggy plastered on the back of it. He screamed obscenities at me for the Biden sticker on my car. Maybe we could send him.

You know what they say about guys with big trucks, they have little d–ks.

Let’s send Ziggy, a real test for his masculinity rather than terrorizing a 65 year old woman.

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