Gainesville, Florida: The Visit

Had always heard Gainesville, Florida, was a great place, so decided it was time to get away. Will be in Europe from mid-May to end of June with a 5 day US return between visits. This completes reservations from 2019 and 2020. So grateful to travel companies for accommodating with no loss in funds. Am hopeful EU conflicts will not cancel these visits.

So, in the meantime… Gainesville

A little history..

Established in 1854, and named for Edmund P. Gaines, Gainesville, was part of a proposed route for the Florida Railroad Company. It served as a Confederate commissary during the Civil War and was the site of 2 battles. Prior to this in the 1600’s Spaniards, and Franciscan missionaries attempted to rule the area intrigued by its fertile soil and clear waters.

And who was Edmund P. Gaines?

Edmund was a US Army officer, (1777-1849), who attempted to preserve peace in the Southeast area of the Country, and was a distinguished Revolutionary War veteran originally from Virginia. To read more of this fascinating man,

He was also quite a handsome dude!

First stop: Givens Park

Got lost, and glad I did as discovered this lovely, serene nature park after a 2 hour drive from St. Augustine. Enjoy..

There is a playground, picnic tables, and pavilion at this Park.

There always seem to be a reward when becoming lost..

Florida Wrong Direction

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I cringe reading Florida statehouse activity. Here are their recent exertions:

  • Changing Disney tax status. Florida residents will need to pick up the tab for Mickey as a billion dollar deficit is predicted. Some counties are planning to increase property taxes by 25%.
  • The Don’t Say Gay Bill. What will a teacher say when same sex parents arrive to bring their child to school? Of that’s right – they can’t, or will face potential jail time, fines, loose their job, or all three?
  • 40% of all new Florida school text books have been excluded due to content.
  • A law banning critical race theory teaching was signed this week.
  • Recent global email from Florida department of health with fake information on hormonal therapy and transgender folk, was sent to all Florida health care professionals. It is in direct opposition to recent supreme court decisions. This email defies supreme court decisions, it is illegal.
  • New abortion law replicating other southern states.
  • Redistricting plan to enhance white residents voting power/agenda and restrict black residents became law last week. A legal challenge to this was begun this week.

Goofy, eh??

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Recently I visited Gainesville, Florida. It is a Florida anomaly, and home to its flagship state college. Will be sharing this visit in forthcoming emails. Watching these students gave hope to the future of Florida.

Stay tuned..

russian misinformation

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Interesting how the russians are framing the special military operation, (not war as one would be imprisoned for using this term), to their population. Reviewing misinformation videos regarding the war is unnerving and absurd, as:

Why would Ukraine damage and destroy their own country?

Probably the most upsetting viewed was the segment where a Mr. Rogers looking character explained the special military operation to a child. In his war of hate putin has covered all the bases with this propaganda ensuring the brainwashing of the next generation.

Latest russian casualty count is estimated at 15,000.

putin- how do you lie to a child who has lost a parent?

Ukraine is going to win this war and their beautiful country rebuilt.

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Covid is still here..

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Watching what is occurring in China with covid is concerning. Numbers are on the incline, and causing a stir. However, for those vaccinated and boosted symptoms are less severe. North Korea and Eritrea are the two countries who remain unvaccinated. Eritrea rests in the horn of Africa on the eastern sector. Vaccines have been offered, but these countries rejected them. North Korea privately wishes the Pfzier or Moderna vaccine but no requests have been made. The North Koreans have been in lockdown for two years.

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Today Vice President Harris tested positive for the virus and has minimal concerns. Perhaps this will effect mid-term elections as 91% of democrats are vaccinated, while only 60% of republicans are.

One can dream…….

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Elon got Twitter – Will the craziness begin?

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Musk finally won in this war. When listening to the pros and cons of this purchase by the richest man in the world one wonders how this will play out. But then who can stop him? My only concern, will this new and improved venture provide more crazy fodder and hate? One only needs to read the new owners prior tweets to get the answer. And as always…

Stay tuned.

Highlights – Macron, Jan 6th, Ukraine

Much occurring this weekend.

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With 59.7% of the vote Macron remains President of France. This was a sigh of relief for the EU/US with Le Pen having questionable Russian involvement. Read an interesting comment from a French citizen – we saw what America went through with trump.

The world is always watching.

Speaking of the orange prez..

Kevin Mc Carthy of California was caught on tape making disparaging remarks as to the orangeman’s ability to continue as prez. Very interesting………… Was/is there a rift in the party????

And to add insult to injury, Michael Cohen came out with allegations as to orangies mental status, however, have to question his choices as well, but then it’s all about money………

Lastly, but always foremost on my mind, Ukraine.

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Russians threats to the United States continue. They request US to stop supplying arms to Ukraine. This is an interesting story to follow and one wonders where it will lead.

One can only hope peace, but, then there is reality, putin, and his mercenaries.

Once again, Congratulations to President Macron!

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Golf – A Sport of Honor?

Live on a golf course and this weekend for some reason a golfer with a bad swing hit a ball out of the course smashing the back window of my vehicle. Damage — $351., and no glass coverage. A neighbor stated “they” stopped by, however, no note was left.

Besides the clean up and financial loss, I am miffed. Earlier in the day the computer died, and going through Asus Computer and Staples insurance made for further angst. Did I mention I lost all my computer data with the demise???

It’s been a weekend but now have a brand new Lenovo computer, and hopefully it will last longer than 8 months of Asus computer service. Also, want to commend the St. Augustine Staples Tech staff who had a new computer up and running in 6 hours. And eventually the insurance came through. Gotta love those female Filipino customer service gals! Thanks, Rosh..

As to the window… have an appointment later today for repair. The wallet is much lighter after this weekend but life is a roller coaster and…


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greene Testimony

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Recently mt greene of Georgia testified under oath regarding her involvement with the January 6th insurrection. She played to a friendly audience and arrived at the hearing to a round of applause. Have never heard so many, “I don’t remember,” or “I don’t recall.” So sad Stephen Colbert has COVID as know his staff would get to the bottom of this. Also saw the Florida representative gaetz in the court. He is currently under possible charges for his relations with under age girls.

republicans are observing closely, and Rep Jamie Raskins, the Chair of the Insurrection Committee is promising the revelations of the January 6th Committee to blow the roof off the House. While ms. greene is smug and appears confident one wonders where all this land. At the end of this hearing her eligibility to run for re-election will be decided. She continues to deny any connection with the insurrection. The final arbiter will be Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State.

Disney versus desantis

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Today Disney was punished by Florida gov. ron desantis for disparaging his Don’t Say Gay Bill. The law the Florida republican legislature passed will remove some of Disney’s special tax benefits and other incentives. Disney is probably Florida’s biggest cash cow and to slap the hand that feeds you especially when they have donated close to a million last year to elect Florida republicans is quite a chess move.

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While it may take years to sort this change out I doubt Mickey and Minnie are happy about this. In fact they have suspended all political contributions. As one NPR guest stated in a broadcast this evening, and I paraphrase, politicians come and go, but companies stay.

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Would be interesting to see who Disney supports in the coming election especially in light of Charlie Crist’s double digit lead in most of the polls. Perhaps Disney will bring him over the finish line?

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