Been Awhile..

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Watching this War has taken a toll.. The Ukrainians continue their brave assault, and their ingenuity is remarkable. On this Good Friday some shifting has occurred, and I pray closure will come shortly. Interesting points..

  • Russia’s main war ship is on the bottom of the sea. In that ship was supposedly a piece of Christ’s cross. Was this a sign?
  • Their other Russian war ships retreated, and are returning to Russia.
  • Finland and Sweden are making plans to join NATO.
  • Hungary is secretly sending arms to Ukraine.
  • An Air Defense System has arrived in Ukraine from Slovakia.
  • US is sending helicopters in their latest package of arms to the Ukraine.

Seems like all in the West are on board to end this travesty. Russia is now whining about the Western support of Ukraine. Well.. you started it buddy, and the Ukrainians are going to finish it.

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