Freezing Order


Don’t buy but one book every 5 years but couldn’t wait 6 months on the library list to get this one. It explains how Putin has acquired his considerable wealth, predicted at $400. billion through money laundering, friends, (who thought he had a friend), and oligarchs. While non-fiction it reads like fiction, however, sadly the story is very true.

It outlines the course the author’s journey on the world stage to clear his name after accusations of stealing $230 million by Russian authorities. Throughout this financial escapade many paid the price with their lives or faculties at Putin’s hand. It further explains the Magnitsky Act, which is now law in 34 countries, named for a 37 year old Russian who died in a Russian prison at the hands of guards.

Also entwined in this escapade is trump and an understandable reality is exposed and clarified as to his role with the Russians. His win of the election and why the targeting of Hillary by Putin occurred is also explained. It’s all about money, of course everything is………….

This international romp, while terrifying continues by this courageous man. Reassuring to know that people like Bill Browder exist.

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