Golf – A Sport of Honor?

Live on a golf course and this weekend for some reason a golfer with a bad swing hit a ball out of the course smashing the back window of my vehicle. Damage — $351., and no glass coverage. A neighbor stated “they” stopped by, however, no note was left.

Besides the clean up and financial loss, I am miffed. Earlier in the day the computer died, and going through Asus Computer and Staples insurance made for further angst. Did I mention I lost all my computer data with the demise???

It’s been a weekend but now have a brand new Lenovo computer, and hopefully it will last longer than 8 months of Asus computer service. Also, want to commend the St. Augustine Staples Tech staff who had a new computer up and running in 6 hours. And eventually the insurance came through. Gotta love those female Filipino customer service gals! Thanks, Rosh..

As to the window… have an appointment later today for repair. The wallet is much lighter after this weekend but life is a roller coaster and…


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