Florida Wrong Direction

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

I cringe reading Florida statehouse activity. Here are their recent exertions:

  • Changing Disney tax status. Florida residents will need to pick up the tab for Mickey as a billion dollar deficit is predicted. Some counties are planning to increase property taxes by 25%.
  • The Don’t Say Gay Bill. What will a teacher say when same sex parents arrive to bring their child to school? Of that’s right – they can’t, or will face potential jail time, fines, loose their job, or all three?
  • 40% of all new Florida school text books have been excluded due to content.
  • A law banning critical race theory teaching was signed this week.
  • Recent global email from Florida department of health with fake information on hormonal therapy and transgender folk, was sent to all Florida health care professionals. It is in direct opposition to recent supreme court decisions. This email defies supreme court decisions, it is illegal.
  • New abortion law replicating other southern states.
  • Redistricting plan to enhance white residents voting power/agenda and restrict black residents became law last week. A legal challenge to this was begun this week.

Goofy, eh??

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Recently I visited Gainesville, Florida. It is a Florida anomaly, and home to its flagship state college. Will be sharing this visit in forthcoming emails. Watching these students gave hope to the future of Florida.

Stay tuned..

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