Gainesville, Florida: The Visit

Had always heard Gainesville, Florida, was a great place, so decided it was time to get away. Will be in Europe from mid-May to end of June with a 5 day US return between visits. This completes reservations from 2019 and 2020. So grateful to travel companies for accommodating with no loss in funds. Am hopeful EU conflicts will not cancel these visits.

So, in the meantime… Gainesville

A little history..

Established in 1854, and named for Edmund P. Gaines, Gainesville, was part of a proposed route for the Florida Railroad Company. It served as a Confederate commissary during the Civil War and was the site of 2 battles. Prior to this in the 1600’s Spaniards, and Franciscan missionaries attempted to rule the area intrigued by its fertile soil and clear waters.

And who was Edmund P. Gaines?

Edmund was a US Army officer, (1777-1849), who attempted to preserve peace in the Southeast area of the Country, and was a distinguished Revolutionary War veteran originally from Virginia. To read more of this fascinating man,

He was also quite a handsome dude!

First stop: Givens Park

Got lost, and glad I did as discovered this lovely, serene nature park after a 2 hour drive from St. Augustine. Enjoy..

There is a playground, picnic tables, and pavilion at this Park.

There always seem to be a reward when becoming lost..

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