Gainesville: Sweetwater Wetlands Park

What a special place where gators and birds live in harmony. Lesson to us all. And seniors abound with their $15,000. cameras having lenses 2 soda cans long. Was told by one bird enthusiast he hadn’t seen so much wildlife in 6 years. Guess they were waiting for me. Take a gander and enjoy.

Cameras – A Phallic Symbol??

This area of the state is known as the wetland area according to the literature. The Park is a man-made sanctuary with the water flowing freely through 125 treated acres into Paynes Prairie and the aquifer.

Take a gander and enjoy..

A Family of Birds

Wonder if he’s trying to make a cell call?

For more information,

One last look..

Final note: bring sun screen, water, hat, bug spray, sneakers, and camera for the visit.

There are picnic tables near the entrance by the bird houses. Cost for parking $5.

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