The Decision: Supreme Court on Abortion Anti, Pro, and the Future..

Seems appropriate to send this blog again in light of the news leak. The supreme court is partisan and no longer valid. Would they ever go after gun owners? No, they are mainly men.

I predict this will come to a bloody end on the streets and in bathrooms throughout the country.

Being a single parent my perspective on this issue is relevant. I’ve walked the walk, and made the decisions. My daughter’s father came from wealth, and they knew of their child/grandchild, and, did nothing. It took years before minimal child support was obtained. This is the case for many women who maintain their pregnancy. Men quit jobs, hide income, and women, therefore, children suffer.

Raising a child alone is a harrowing experience, and family support is always on their terms. I can recall constantly hearing, “You make your bed, you lie in it, ” and wonder if this is the same thought of those “lovely” Christian women fighting abortion rights. Perhaps they wish to get back at other women because they are stuck, and live unhappy lives?

Then I cringe as I recall what Amy Barrett said on abortion, I paraphrase, have an adoption. She comes from a world of white privilege, not in touch with those who are unable to feed, house, or clothe a child. But then she was a tr justice appointee, and look what he’s done to women. Having a child definitely affects the finances, and the poverty rate for single mothers was 23.4% in 2020, five times the rate of 2 parent families.

Driving through the Mid-West I passed many anti-abortion signs, and stayed in a town where there was a building with a 12 foot fence surrounding it. It was an abortion clinic, probably now defunct. It was the weekend, and the building closed, but one can only imagine what occurs during the week as these “christian” women taunt, and harass the women entering the building.

I’m sure in these towns, as it is across the nation, these christian churches have nursery collections. For those unaware, this is where righteous women donate baby wipes, bibs, and the like to “help” these poor mothers. Is this a penance for sins committed against these outcasts? I bristle when I hear women such as marsha blackburn speak, but she desires the tr v.p., slot should he run. It’s all about power for her, and politicians say they can’t get elected if they are pro-choice.

One wonders this claim, or is it these old white men can’t live with their wives if they take a stand????

Little is afforded for child care on the government level, and to locate reputable care givers is a challenge. Biden is trying, but it’s those pro-life politicians that are blocking his efforts. Irony. Hell, we can’t even get climate change legislation, and our world is falling apart, but for another day.

So what do I say to the supreme court? Here is the future of your decision should you reverse this 50 year old ruling.

And it won’t be plastic, but maybe politicians could out law them?

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