The Usual Suspects

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Funding for Ukraine was delayed yesterday by a senator from kentucky, no, not mitch, the other one, rand. Unsure why, but, find this logic beyond reason as the valiant Ukrainians are fighting this War for all.

Ever seen the WWII news reels? We sure don’t want a WWIII.

I digress… guess this senator needs a bit of the spotlight, as he’s been out of the media for a bit. Recall his insults of Anthony Fauci, and his trail of covid misinformation?

This decision will affect the people of Ukraine, and their valiant efforts.

This war could easily be on our shores.

Wish this was a Friday the 13th joke, but then rand paul is a joke.

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Who votes for these people?

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What are they thinking?

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Thanks for reading. Need to get this anger out.

Tomorrow, more of Gainesville, and leaving for EU a week from today.

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