Lost Cellphone

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

In Venice today, and lost my cell phone. Unsure if it was stolen, or lost, but whatever the circumstance it is a travesty. Went to the local police station, and filed a report. Felt like I was in a PBS European police drama as the Italian officer was non-comital, and laid back. Could tell he wanted noting to do with me, but, I played along to get the report filed.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Attempted to retrace my steps to see if the phone was possibly on the sidewalk but that was an impossible feat. In Venice they do not believe in signage, and it is impossible to find a street on a map, therefore, I could not retrace my steps. Plus, each street is either wide or narrow, and even the map aps have challenges.

So, another expense upon arrival back in the states. Never a dull moment when you travel.

Photo by Sergey Zhumaev on Pexels.com

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