My phone was stolen/lost in Venice and today the Verizon rep informed me that my pictures from the trip were gone. My phone was not set up appropriately for back ups. Lesson learned, check your phone!

So, instead of dull pictureless blogs will merely do an itinerary of this trip. Hopefully, my new spankin’ red Iphone will do the deed as I travel through NYC>England>Scotland>Norway>Iceland in the next trip…

Here’s the itinerary from this trip..

  • Milan to Lake Como – possibly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. No wonder George Clooney built a home there. He was the last one allowed to build. Now, most of the villas and mansions are owned by russian oligarchs.
  • Lugano -Swiss/Italian mix, capivating..
  • Lucerne – chocolates and watches. Lake Pilatus mountain ride amazing, however, clouds covered the mountain view
  • Neuschwanstien Castle – what views and tour Ludwig’ s boyhood home across the street – Castle Hohenschwangau. Spectacular!
  • Passion Play – 5 hours of performance. Continues thru early October.
  • Salzburg – The Von Trapp Family’s home, as well as Mozart’s birthplace.
  • Vienna – scenic and impressive
  • Murano and Venice – you have to visit to believe it!
  • Milan – fashion capital of the world

Arrivederci Italy!

Departure Time

It’s 2:15, and I am awake ready for the 3:15 pick up. What a challenging trip this has been. Yesterday was the covid test, and I was NEGATIVE, I PASSED! One of the men on the trip failed twice so he will be quarantined. That was my greatest nightmare. Unsure if his covid negative wife will stay. Funny, never saw him wear a mask, but she was meticulous.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Have much to do upon my return.. Pick up mail, do gi testing, buy a cell phone, and visit Carespot as I think I have bronchitis to add to the frey. Hell to get old.

I must compliment Verizon service as the chat folks explained how to suspend service, and make the lost cellphone a rock. In reading the internet sites when this is done no one can steal your information, only sell off the cellphone components. Reassuring, however, not looking for the extra thousand dollar bill for a cell phone.

Last night was the good bye dinner. As a solo traveler few connected with me, and while I could say covid, it wasn’t that. People stay in their herds, and that is fine. I do not come for the socialization, only the visit. Weird or craziness when 2 sets of folks wanted me to join them at dinner. I demurred, and even crazier when they offered their emails. Never once have I received a reply when these were given so told the folks that, and then said what a wonderful trip it was, and I enjoyed their company. Liar… HA! HA! as my daughter would say.

Even though I am a psych nurse I’ll never understand human behavior or even attempt to.

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

Think it’s time for a dog!