Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Visited Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida, recently to view the Rockefeller Asian Exhibit . Have not been in several years, and it is a museum which is not to be missed. The Cummer’s were involved in lumber and banking. They had one child who died in infancy, and upon Mr. Cummer’s death, Mrs. Cummer spent her remaining 15 years acquiring art, and leaving their lovely property as a museum for future generations to enjoy.

The Museum sits on the beautiful St. Johns River in Jacksonville. The Cummer Home was raised to build the Museum, however, one room from their former home remains.

The Museum, opened for 60 years has been upgraded recently. Rooms are available for events at a reasonable cost as are the gardens for weddings. There are fundraising events throughout the year with music, picnics, and dinners. Admission is reasonable, and there are many free times for visit.


The first collection viewed was movie posters. Prior to Hollywood, Florida had a movie industry. Many of those in these roles were African American, and the studio buildings are still standing. Interesting, and perhaps some day these will be open as museum in Jacksonville as well?

The Posters..

The Cummer has one of the World’s three most important collections of Meissen Porcelain. Collector Ralph H. Wark, of Berlin, moved to St. Augustine in his later years with his sister. He donated his 700 piece collection to the Cummer. This collection survived the World War II bombings.

The American Classics

Winslow Homer, Waiting For a Bite, 1874

While not an American, Andy Warhol’s, Mao

Eastman Johnson, Servant’s Hall at Mount Vernon. The Cummer’s were involved with the African American community and worked to improve their lives.

A Gilbert Stuart of George Washington

The Asian Art Collection – this Rockefeller Collection is on display through September. If you have a chance it is a must see. Rare to see these artifacts in such excellent condition.

The Museum also has a modern and religious art collection which is extensive and of note. However, wish to end with the gardens. Enjoy!

Mrs. Cummer’s needlepoint of her garden.

What a beautiful visit this was..

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