NYC: TV Shows, Plays, Plays

Have returned from my travels, and took awhile to reconstruct the journey. While much fun it was exhausting, and my health is of concern. Wrote the Cummer Museum blog yesterday – wasn’t it sublime?? Did this as a dry run as WordPress has once again changed photo entry. If you’ve read anything of me you are aware I am a tech nincompoop, and have no 5 year old to help. Can’t follow the word press classes, so will be hanging up my skates after reporting of this journey. That said, enjoy the ride.

Daisies are my favorite flower… oh, come on HUMOR ME!!

New York City at the Tamron Hall Show…

Since I had an extra day, and no play available, sought out the television shows for entertainment. Was on a waiting list for Trevor Noah but decided to forego, and went with the certain seat at Tamron Hall. What a delight she is, and good at her game. While not a fan of her guest, Bobby Brown, it was nice to see he has his life on track with a new wife, family, book, and a show. His fans in the audience adored him, so I remained mum.

If you are stuck with nothing to see/do in NYC on a Monday, try the tv shows. To get an official “spot” you need to apply a month early, but, you could be lucky. It’s fun to see how the shows operate, and you meet nice folks in line. Caution: for winter visits dress warm as the wait in line (outside), can be an hour or more..


What a hoot!

This play was so funny that I missed half of it laughing so hard at the other half. The women in the cast were phenomenal, and the play was written by some gal in her late 20’s who definitely has a future. It is a short run so unsure if it’s still on but if you have the chance – GO!

The ladies of POTUS..


Who doesn’t love Billy Crystal???????? He is an American treasure, and in this play he reigns supreme. Great performances, funny, and a happy ending. What more can I say?

New York you never let me down…

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