Air Europa from JFK to Madrid to Gatwick

Was impressed with Air Europa. Staff pleasant, plane comfortable, and good entertainment on board. Price was phenomenal. Stop over was Madrid Airport which was a clean airport with amenities. Didn’t find too many who spoke English, but with hand signals, and smiles I found my way. And of course this Ugly American could have learned a few phrases prior to the trip but I didn’t, shame on me. Guess I’m still traumatized from the time I tried this in an unnamed country, and the gal at the train desk took my book out of my hand and threw it at me… While I say ha! ha! at the time it was quite unnerving.. Enough.. We all have bad days.

The pictures…

Nice to see a B and J machine in Spain, and who knows you may have time to get your nails done. Never saw a venue quite like this at an airport.. But the best – the kid bathroom with the toilet. How sweet..

Gatwick Airport

Had thought I was going to Heathrow from Madrid but realized last minute I was landing at Gatwick. Decided not to fret, and all worked out swimmingly as the Brits would say… Once in the airport there was a gal at the desk about my age who had patience giving me a ticket along with a print out of all my connections for the hour train ride.

Quick walk to trains from my gal pal’s perch..

The printout with ticket underneath….

London trains are like Washington DC, you need to scan your ticket as you enter and leave the train station.

Train cars are clean and pleasant – what an enjoyable ride.

And don’t forget to pick up a Metro for the ride. Didn’t realize these were worldwide..

Stay Tuned: Tomorrow see where I land…

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