Arrival at London Destination

Was unsure of the hostel location upon arrival at the train stop, however, once again friendly Londoners came through with directions. Locating the hostel entry was also problematic as it was a small door next to a rock music venue. While this location was a bit daunting I went with the flow and ventured forth.

With hostels one never knows what to expect, however, staff are always knowledgeable about transportation, friendly, patient, and guests insightful. The Expedia flight included three free nights at the hostel so who can argue with free room in London for 3 nights? As predicted the hostel manager was amazing with his assist, and even carried my bag to the 4th floor. What more could a girl ask for?

Upon entry to the room I introduced myself to three other women from New Zealand and South Korea. They gave me the lay of the land, some cell phone assist, and foretold the nightly rock music till 3 am. Instructions received I quickly unpacked and arranged the items needed for the next day as each of the 3 days included a 6 am departure to my destinations. Once out and about found the area safe with grocery stores and restaurants. Since I had been diagnosed with lactose intolerance within the month, (another blog), purchased orange juice, and relied on the hostel offering of bananas for my daily breakfast.

The welcomed ATM – unsure why anyone uses the airport cash transaction windows? Enlighten me.

Upon hostel return I showered in a clean bathroom, and made my way to the upper level bunk bed. While the music probably did last till 3 am exhaustion prevailed and surprisingly I slept.

Tomorrow: Windsor Palace

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