Covid Testing in the UK

I lied, actually I forgot… Prior to Windsor Castle had to get Covid tested as testing was mandatory for ship entry within a 72 hour time frame, so had to hussle. From London was headed on a cruise, stay tuned. Finding a place near the hostel in the early morning hours was a data mining nightmare doing this from the US, but I prevailed locating a pharmacy inside a grocery store 3 miles from the hostel. Bus transport was convenient so was on my way…

Read the Metro from the bus kiosk for entertainment while waiting for store opening. For a laugh..

  • Babies given rubber bottles are likely to have a rubber fetish
  • The Queen’s 1947 wedding cake slice in its original box is up for auction
  • Japanese scientists have developed a way to cover a robotic finger with skin
  • And my favorite – unions urging increase in nursing pay for their “miserly wages” – like that is going to happen..

Upon completing the Metro the Sainsbury grocery opened. Since the pharmacy was not ready for me I explored the store finding clothing, liquor/wine, and other amenities available besides the traditional food stuffs. Just like US!

Once the pharmacy opened a friendly pharmacist swabbed the nose then waiting on pins and needles for 10 minutes received welcome news. The pharmacist steered me to the appropriate bus and train station and I was on my way to Windsor.

WHEW…. Never have I known negative to be such a positive..

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