Windsor Castle

Took the train from London to Windsor which was a delightful hour and 15 minute journey. From the train station the walk is brief but climb steep. Upon entry you are welcomed by Prince Charles via headset. The tour is informative with historians giving information on the Castle interiors.

On the day of my visit the weather was stellar and the gardens pristine. Can understand why the Queen loves to be here. Almost heaven..

Make reservations as the Queen still resides here every weekend. Arrive early to see all, and attend the Changing of the Guard. This is a fun and interesting event which occurred at 11 on the day of my visit.

Was unable to see the interior of St. George’s Chapel due to the Queen’s Centennial, however an outside picture. The Changing of the Guard occurs next to St. George’s.

The beauty and majesty of this Castle from 1377 where 39 monarchs have lived, and 10 buried is breathtaking. The Queen’s art collection is beyond robust with over 1 million items in the Royal Collection. All are on the web at http://www.RCT.UK.

Found the Queen Anne Dollhouse a fascinating exhibit. Take time to view all the intricacies. There also is a restaurant where tea is served and is a good rest from the visit. Plan on at least 2 to 3 hours. Much to see.

After visiting Windsor take time to visit the town. It is a trip back in history with its many fish and chip shops, souvenir shops, and the like. Much to see and enjoy. It is a memory you will never forget.

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