Churchill War Rooms

While at Windsor Castle asked the security staff about the Churchill War Rooms. This site ranks highly as things to see in London. They assured me I had adequate time to get there, gave directions, and I was on my way. Grateful I made this visit as it was astounding. These are the actual rooms where Churchill worked during World War II. Besides seeing the rooms there were also fascinating displays depicting the various eras of Churchill’s life. For those war buffs plan a whole day visit, for others at least 3 hours.

A must see.

The War Room
His Cabinet
Another extremely important Room in the underground.

Sad World War II Facts…

  • 30,000 killed in London
  • 60,000 killed in Britain
  • Half million homes destroyed in London
  • Four million homes destroyed in Britain
  • Approximately 20,000 tons of bombs fell on London
  • Approximately 70,000 tons of bombs fell on Britain

The War Room in the underground is totally intact. Both Churchill and his wife, Clemmie, maintained a room at the underground, however, it was stated Churchill only napped there and slept only 3 nights during the War.

Clemmie’s Room left and Winston’s Room above

Churchill hated noise and staff in the underground worked 18 hour days and entire weekends. Both men and women worked tirelessly devoted to the cause.

Eleven typists worked in this small area.


Caveat: After the visit, stop by the Park across from the War Rooms. It is devoted to Diana, another warrior.

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