On Day 3 in London took a bus trip to Bath and Stonehenge. Recommend bus trips to sites as it is a relaxing way to visit. In London there is an entire station devoted to those taking tour bus excursions. It is known as Victorian Station Coach. This is a separate station from other regular bus lines. Remember this when attempting to locate the Station as those you may ask have no idea…………… ?

The ride to Stonehenge from London is approximately 2 hours through farmlands. Stonehenge rises out of a field which has caused many to wonder, ‘Why?” On this trip the answer was not obtained, however, it was a fun day with these interesting sites.

Purchase tickets at the booth near the gift shop. Then mount the bus or trek up to the site.

On return from the site tour the Stonehenge Museum, and see the outside huts displaying how those building Stonehenge would have lived. Children love this.

One more shot of this amazing creation before departing.

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