Bath is a Unesco World History site known for its Roman Baths. The Roman Baths began upon the discovery of the areas hot springs. Romans who visited would drink 2 bottles daily of the medicinal waters known to have 43 minerals in them. It is the only hot springs in Europe and was discovered and unearthed in the late 19th century. Since then the Baths have been restored and waters continue to flow as does tourists anxious to visit this ancient city where great Roman rulers walked.

The Museum gives an excellent presentation of the era surrounded by the 2000 year old ruins. Some pictures starting with the entrance to the Baths.

Museum Entrance

Water flowed to the Baths through these rocks.
And the waters continue to flow with over 1 million liters daily at 46 celsius Translation 260,000 gallons 114 fahrenheit


The Jane Austen Museum

Bath is also known for a famous resident, Jane Austen who lived here for 5 years. There is a museum dedicated to her in Bath and annually a Jane Austen Festival. Jane received her only marriage proposal while residing in Bath from a wealthy but somewhat uninteresting Harris Bigg-Wither. While she accepted the proposal the following day she withdrew her acceptance.

The home where Jane lived while in Bath and for those enthusiasts note the To Let sign. It’s available.

Bath has much charm with its many shops, and restaurants. If looking for a unique stop outside of London, consider Bath.

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