On to Southampton, England

Good bye Big Ben and Londontown. Am on to Southampton for a 12 day cruise with ports in Scotland, Norway, and Iceland.

Took the train from the hostel to Southampton. Trains in the EU are amazing. Joe Biden is on spot with trains, we need more in the US.

Southampton is an industrial port.

However, there are also beaches nearby.

Cabs were waiting outside the train station for cruise passengers, but arrive early as limited volume. Some folks schedule cabs, however was unable to locate that info..

Shared a cab with a man from Key West boarding a ship to Antarctica in 3 days. He arrived early to ensure his plans as with climate change, and flight concerns need this buffer. Many I spoke with are doing this now. Have heard horror stories of folks missing entire trips as they were unable to “catch up” with the ship or the tour.

Those who arrived in Southampton early enjoyed their visit. Apparently, Southampton has much to see and do. Check out the web site below.


Something to consider and believe this is a wise idea.

Cab fare was 15 pounds, and my gracious companion paid 10. First time in decades any man ever paid anything for me. What a treat.

Met long lines at ship registration. While pre-boarding is required there are always other hoops to jump with this process. Met several fascinating people who enjoyed chatting which made time fly. Boarding also goes faster when you carry on luggage. If not luggage arrival will not occur till late in the afternoon and we all need that toothbrush. So if you let the cruise folk care for your luggage pack a carry-on of needed items.

My room – been cruising since my early 20’s and first time I ever had a window. WOW!

Tomorrow: Cruise Entertainment

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