Lerwick Shetland Islands

Lerwick is the northern part of the Shetland Islands. There are 100 Shetland Islands with 16 inhabited. The Vikings established this area, and later the islands were annexed to Scotland.

Shetland ponies are from this area.

Currently this area is being developed with a wind farm of 103 turbines as it is the windiest part of Scotland. While controversial this energy will replace their dwindling oil industry, and supply England with clean energy.

The Shetland Bus

World War II Memorial

Being 220 miles from Norway the Shetlands played a vital role in World War II. Known as the Shetland Bus, they were a clandestine special operation of small fishing boats linking German occupied Norway to the Shetlands. They brought 400 tons of weaponry, explosives, and other supplies under the cover of night in winter to the troops. 210 missions were carried out. This statute is a memorial to those courageous individuals who served, and were lost.

Scalloway Castle

This 420 year old Castle is being reconstructed using original methods from this bygone era. It was built for the notorious Patrick Steward, Earl of Orkney, and Lord of Shetland. Patrick was related to Mary Queen of Scots, and imprisoned for using forced labor to construct the Castle. While imprisoned he orchestrated an uprising which failed, and was beheaded. Quite a story for this property… Having gone through varied usages as a residence, prison, and courthouse, it was given to the State in 1908.


What beautiful scenery in this portion of Scotland. Our tour guide was recruiting for folks to move here as jobs are plentiful with the windfarm, and other businesses on the horizon. Any takers?? Summer temperatures range 60-70 with the gulf stream, and winters 15-20. Sadly, most on the tour were from the sunbelt..

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