Break From Tours: The Officers Speak

What a fascinating meeting! Learned much about ship operations from those running the place..

The meeting began with a video showing what was done during the Pandemic to spruce up the ship. New menu items were developed with much polishing, and ship cleaning conducted.

Then the Officers arrived and here’s some of the fun facts learned:

  • Staff numbers; 500 food and beverage members, 150 housekeepers, 63 engine staffers
  • Officers work 10 weeks on/10 weeks off
  • Crew Members share accommodations, but future ships will now have private rooms with shared loos.
  • Fifteen trucks replace supplies for cruises with 114,000 # vegetables, 22,500 # flour, 44,000 # beef, 21,000 # chicken, 10,500# pork, 25,600# fish, 93,000 eggs, 1352 gallons of ice cream, 1600 cases beer, for a 13 day cruise. WOW we eat much.
  • The Ship produces its own water with 158,000 gallons used in 24 hours. Hey, maybe they need to teach California how to do that??
  • There are 1700 sinks on the Ship, with 1500 showers, and between 8-30,000 gallons of water are used per hour.
  • Ship was currently at half capacity but future voyages are picking up! Good to hear..
A little commercial – no kick backs received.


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