Bergen, Norway

What a charming town which I enjoyed despite heavy rains. This City has rain 200-240 days a year! End result is lovely flowers, but navigating with this weather was a challenge. The City’s open market was a fun visit with restaurants, and shops selling various foods such as fish, moose, honey, and the like. The vendors offered free samples – nice touch – and were friendly, and hospitable.

Adjacent to the open market were reasonable souvenir shops where I found small items to fit in my suitcase at reasonable prices. ? end of the year sale? Found potholders for $1.25, small change purses stating BERGEN for $5, and an embossed shirt stating Bergen for the same price. Tourists from the ship were stocking up on winter jackets, gloves, and beanies at great prices along with rain gear. Good they did as Iceland was coming… Later.

I really took this picture – isn’t it great?

Tour boats lined this area, and here I was able to access some free wifi. WiFi is challenging on a cruise, and expensive but local restaurants, convenient stores, and churches may offer this in the town. You can also ask at the local tourist office, and police are a good resource.

Another Bergen Area

Verizon welcomed me daily at each country, and twice I hit the button in error causing an extra $20 fee. They charge $10 a day, and when you rarely get calls, or texts, no need. Tried to contact Verizon but this service is imbedded in “the plan.” so the bill increased to $165 this month, thus prompting return to Mint, Ryan Reynold’s phone company. They were phenomenal but 3 years ago had no connection in the West Virginia mountains so had to change. Things have changed since, and am returning to Ryan or Mint for $240/12 months, and I am off topic… Sorry folks.

Leaving Bergen – Views from the ship upon departure.

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