Norway: Mount Stranda and Alesund

Started the bus tour riding through Norway’s Sunmore Alps. The area held spectacular views and crossing waters on massive ferries was intriguing. This is commonplace for Norwegians as is traveling through mountain tunnels. The longest tunnel in Norway is almost 25 miles long!

Often on my travels I enjoy conversing with locals. As Norwegians are bilingual, I had a wonderful opportunity on the ferry ride. Met a man with an ev, (electric vehicle), and learned much from our conversation. Though Norwegians tend to be reserved I had found the right topic as Norwegians are interested in the environment.

Sadly, the gondola ride up Mount Stranda was closed, however, the bus ride alone was well worth the trip. Avalanche is a common occurrence in Norway, and there was much rain on the mountain prior to our visit.

On the tour we had a fascinating guide who was a former factory worker from Michigan. He and his bride had recently relocated to Norway. While new to the country he knew much, and it was a delight to have this American sharing a wealth of Norwegian information.

View of Alesund from mountain

Norway was once a very poor country, and in the 1800’s one third of the population migrated to America, (mainly Minnesota), due to famine. After World War II much money was pumped into the economy, and with the discovery of oil in the 1970’s, the fortunes, and economics of the Country was transformed. While the Country’s wealth comes mainly from oil, Norwegian’s are vested in going green in their energy plans.

Views of the City of Alesund from the mountaintop.

The Norwegian Star

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