Health Care Prices

Photo by my daughter, Jeanie

Am in New York City today but write this article a wee bit earlier. As you read I am enjoying Evan Hansen, or hope I am. Heard mixed reviews on this play, but whatever the case am only spending $65. for a ticket, they premiered at $350. This is a real deal in Broadway terms, but don’t use my judgement on plays. Hamilton gave me a migraine, I didn’t understand any of the lyrics. Just too fast for me. If you are a Hamilton fan visit his home in northern Manhattan. Fascinating.

Prior to departure wanted to refill the pancreatic enzymes I am currently on. I take these critters before and after eating any morsel of food, or else an explosion of poo occurs within an hour or minutes. Immediate fatigue then occurs as digested food is absorbed from the colon, therefore, when food is not absorbed the body is not nourished, therefore, fatigue. A good biology lesson, but yes too much information, and I am contemplating anorexia………..

The Pancreas – kind of looks like a gun or erect penis. God, when you were creating us what was on your mind? So many things has this design.

Walgreens sent me an email stating I must pay $10,983.99, for the 810 pills. I freak as I was able to get these via AMAZON in a naturally, not federally regulated pill for $138. In the reviews folks who can’t afford the platinum version are buying these with the the same effect, no explosions. I call Walgreens. If I wait another 4 days I can get the drug for $200. as I am reordering too early. Does this make sense? And who pays for the $10,700. balance? Medicare? While I pay over $5000 a year in premiums this doesn’t seem right. Let’s hope Joe’s new bill fixes this one.

A wise senior man once said to me – “Why are they keeping us around so long?” I now know, so we can provide child care for our kids as the government never seems to fund that.

No easy answers..

Campaign Commercial Season

It’s begun.. It’s official.. And in many ways it’s predictable, and humorous.

The Campaign Commercial Season is hereI

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The Florida ads have been nasty with the republicans always calling out the candidates but never saying what they will do besides the usual:

  • Pro life
  • Conservative Values
  • Right to carry arms

Then the ad ends with their family, and never understood how all the candidates have blonde wives. Of course all the commercials in the South have women with long blonde hair whether they are selling a candidate or dental replacements. And, if they have a member of family in uniform they are omnipresent.

They need to put this gal in as their wife. They’d really get elected. Remember the movie Bombshell?

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When discussing the individual they are running against it’s always loud, angry voices, and ear piercing music stating these claims:

  • Didn’t vote for tr or ron de santis – well, dah.. they are a democrat.
  • Always votes 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Well, don’t all the repub always vote with Mitch?. Fact: they sign a waiver with Mitch once voted in that they will always vote the party line.

The Florida Governor Race Commercials

Have enjoyed the Charlie Crist commercials. He’s honest. says what he’s going to do. and for an older man he is incredibly sexy. Nice smile. HA! HA! in reviewing his credentials he’s held about every political job in the State, and currently is in congress. He wants to be the governor, and has been before. With his qualifications, and job experience he probably should run for President.

His competitor, the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Was surprised by his commercials as he is testy to the point of nasty with his stance on gays, Disney, school books being sequestered, and of course the artificial COVID numbers. His commercial today was a reading of letters from constituents thanking him for all he does.

He must be taking lessons from those Florida Big Box christian churches where the pastors make 6 figures as they brainwash the congregation in their bible interpretation. Recall Jim Baker? He’s still around doing a Pod cast in Missouri, while Tammy is deceased. I digress.. Sorry, needed to be said. I liked Tammy eyelashes and all.

She wasn’t homophobic, she had a heart.

The Florida Senate Race Commercials

Next, Val Demings – a pithy, former Orlando police chief, with a stellar record on decreasing crime now in the House running for the Senate.

She’s running against Marco Rubio, and her ads say he doesn’t come to work or vote, which Florida voters know but don’t seem to care. They laugh, but this ain’t a laughing matter. He never smiles, always looks angry, and disheveled. He tried to pass a bill so women couldn’t leave the state for abortion care, and this weekend dissed the cap on insulin coverage.

Marco, Do you even care? His ads are filled with old, obese, white policemen attacking Demings. It is a lie, and disgrace of what he is saying. Guess he can’t tell the real truth about Val, she gets the job done!

I’m just glad I have a functional mute button. Will be using it a lot this season.

Stay Healthy, America

I have always been healthy. I learned I had to from childhood as my parents did not believe in doctors. While they weren’t Jehovah Witnesses, they knew health care cost money, and were frugal/cheap, and too tell the truth, they didn’t like me.

For years before I knew of mantras I would say, “I am healthy,” numerous times of the day. It cures many ailments.

Try it, you may be surprised.

At 66 I am having some problems. While some issues are resolved, or resolving, answers are needed on other issues. Am trying to get an appointment with my doctor of 5 years ago, so today will be spent waiting by the phone for a call back.

Please ring soon..

These last 5 years I have been unable to get an appointment, and used quick clinics for assist. However, right now I need more involved service. And while that sounds like an oil change, and believe me that would be 100% easier, and cheaper on Wednesdays, I wait. I digress..


Reading the news feeds this is going to even get worse in the red states. This is where I am located. Recruiters calling ob/gyn docs with job openings are hearing, “Roe vs. Wade,” and being hung up on. This I can understand, and already written of this. Either a doc treats and is jailed, or lets the woman die, and it’s manslaughter. Legal bills whatever the case, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student debt who can afford that risk.

And unlike politicians, Doctors, follow their Oaths.

This article further stated family practice docs are hanging up the phone on recruiters as well. Many red states are considering or implementing laws where jail time is faced educating on contraception, or giving contraceptive means. This translates to health care for all as we loose family practice doctors. Guess changes in health care won’t be needed as we’ll be killing off the entire population.

Something to think about.

Big Win For Joe

With the senate vote on the Climate Change Bill it has been another big win for Joe Biden this week.. It’s been stated that the House will vote on Friday, and that vote is assured. Leaf, here I come! Who cannot consider purchasing an EV with these kind of incentives. Have you driven an EV? It is sublime…………

Think I’ll go blue with next car. I want to match my politics.

Listening to the pundits and polls over the weekend news feeds I hear repeatedly the Dems are going to loose their majority mid-term. They speak of Biden’s low approval numbers, inflation, and this, and that rhetoric but abortion is the issue. This is being swept under the carpet and not too fast boys, have a little secret tale to tell.

Remember her?

In another life while an administrator for the NYS Department of Corrections, I visited prisons throughout the State. It was during this time that Hill was running for the Senate. Most of the gals who work for the prison system are married to correction officers. On prison visit after prison visit I heard the same “secret” from these women. “My husband doesn’t know it, but I’m voting for her.” She won big in this election.

Women can be very secretive when needed, but one thing is certain…

They get the job done.

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and Siena can poll all they want, but this is the issue on the ballot this year. Prior to Kansas voting the polls were 46 to 47% in favor of this issue. End vote: it won by almost 20 percent.

Numbers don’t lie.

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Sweet Sentiments


I am a democrat/liberal, however, even a staunch hearted b-tch like me softens viewing Dick Cheney’s political ad for his daughter. If you haven’t seen it, check it out..

August 2021 Rodeo Night in Wyoming

The Cowboys

Liz Cheney has a political war chest of 6 million with only 3% coming from Wyoming constituents. At last look she is down 20 points to her rival, an adamant tr supporter, and believer in the big lie. Since I lived in Wyoming for 3 months am well aware of their beliefs. When working there heard many times,

“He’s not my president.” OR “The guy who stole the presidency.”

More Wyoming

Since I grew up in New York State I knew the damage and havoc tr creates. I have heard of him since I was an early teen, and while not a republican feel badly he has caused this woman to go down in flames, and her party as well.

I’m sure Liz will write a great book, make millions, and enjoy becoming a political analyst for a major television network after this is all over. And who knows perhaps once her party straightens out she will be the come back kid, and rule it all, or maybe, just maybe, she’ll become a democrat… A lot of people from California are moving to Wyoming…………………………………….

More Bear River Park, never enough of this beautiful spot.

Sim Card Dilemma

Upon my return from Europe received a $165. Verizon phone bill. Realized it was time to change. Decided on Mint as we had a successful marriage, with divorce occurring only because the West Virginia mountains occluded their service. Have always liked Ryan Reynolds, actor, and Mint owner. Any man who can do a Pandemic with a wife, 3 daughters, and mother in law has my heart.

Hope he had a man cave.

All this said Verizon did not give up without a fight, and customer service problems remained with misinformation, and long chat times once I used the ugly words “switch service.” Verizon did own up to locking the SIM Card, and due to a manufacture glitch an additional 2 week wait was necessary before the card could be unlocked, and Mint service begun. Translation: another Verizon bill.

SIM Card

Waited the time frame and an extra 2 days, but still problems occurred in this transition. It was the Mint folks who helped during this process, suggesting I visit the Verizon store as I had purchased the phone from them. Once at the Verizon store they were pleasant but no longer had my information in their system. They suggested I visit the nearby computer store as the SIM Card tray connection was problematic.

Sim Card Tray

Arrived at the computer store, told my concerns, and within 2 minutes I had service, and with no need for a new SIM Card tray. When I inquired what was done was told,

“Just had to play with the Settings.”

Time taken to change service: 10 hours.

Cost for Mint Service for 12 months: $240.

Help from the computer store technician: Priceless

I received no kickbacks from this endorsement, but recommend you take a look at Mint and tell your friends.

Mint Logo

Been A Week..

However, it seems every week is quite a week with the world the way it is..

  • Brittany Griner will probably be sentenced to 10 years
  • Many tr stolen election candidates won their primaries.
  • Taiwan fired upon due to Nancy Pelosi visit.
  • The Russian War continues.

But on the positive side..

  • Drone strikes killed a major bad guy in Afghanistan.
  • Jones case against the Sandy Hook parents showed he perjured himself, and don’t get me going on him. Read the books on how his peeps trailed these parents, shot at their vehicles, causing them to go into hiding, and more. Guess I did go on, but justified, however, he wasn’t. Now claiming he’s bankrupt, but hiding his money in off shore accounts.
  • The Vets suffering despicable health problems from burn pits received health coverage. Thanks, Jon Stewart. Biden’s son Beau probably died from this.
  • The Chip Bill passed assuring our national security. Thanks, Gina Raimondo, future president. Let’s start a rumor… We need her at the helm..


And in November we are having a…


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Here are the specifics..

  • Naomi Biden, 28, is a Washington DC lawyer. She is the eldest grandchild of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle.
  • Naomi met her beau, Peter Neal, 24, on a set up by friends while in NYC.
  • Peter is in his last year of law school at University of Pennsylvania.
  • He is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and has worked extensively on democratic campaigns.
  • The location of the nuptials is uncertain . The reception will be held at the White House.
  • Last White House reception, Jenna Bush in 2008. Overdue for another – time for some love…
Congratulations to the happy couple..

Picture from Naomi’s instagram account.

Happy Birthday to me?


I am 66 today and no longer a young retiree. I am, and have been an official senior for the last year. While some days I enjoy it, (rarely), I am accustom to it. There is nothing which can be done about age, except with it comes wisdom.. I am strong, and have the good fortune of sharing my day with Barack Obama, Meghan Markle, and the deceased Queen Mother.

I am still pondering the rest of my life. The conditions of the day make me want to get out there and promote democracy, silencing all the crazies attempting to destroy this amazing experiment. How I can best do this I am unaware but thankful readers are following, listening, and spreading the word.

And if you have any ideas…

I am ready.

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St. Andy Beshear

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky taken from Wikipedia

This 44 year old Governor has had quite a year. First, December 2021 tornadoes in Western Kentucky, and now record rain fall with devastating flooding. At this writing at least 30 are confirmed dead with several 100 missing.

So where are their senators as of this writing?.

Rand Paul

He’s in a senate hearing trying to disprove Dr. Fauci regarding the origins of the Pandemic.

Mitch McConnell

He’s busy blocking the climate change bill.


So, Andy guess you are in this alone, and especially if your citizens won’t vote out these flunkies and put in folks who’ll work for them.

And to the good people of Kentucky, there will be more devastation if you keep voting for these scoundrels.

It’s your choice.

Will he ever go away?

Orange Man

Several years ago I proposed a Day A Week Without tr, however this didn’t go anywhere, and who knew what he could have done in that day? Blow up the world, or align with putin? Oh yes he already did the later. However, even though fairly kicked out of office he remains a wart on the ass of all Americans, and it is a pain.

Photo by Rodrigo DelPer on

Sorry donkey this is the closest I could get without being bleeped.

Do you every think he’ll ever go away or better yet his flunkies?

At least the pillow man has quieted. The pillow guy said in a recent interview that his company profits increased exponentially since his involvement with the orange man. Someone got something out of ruining the country. Personally, I threw out his pillows once he started his antics as I could no longer sleep knowing the manufacturer.

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This answers why these folks do what they do, $$$, and at our expense.

On a lighter note, let’s hope the new energy bill passes as I am going to buy an EV.

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Leaf here I come!