Been A Week..

However, it seems every week is quite a week with the world the way it is..

  • Brittany Griner will probably be sentenced to 10 years
  • Many tr stolen election candidates won their primaries.
  • Taiwan fired upon due to Nancy Pelosi visit.
  • The Russian War continues.

But on the positive side..

  • Drone strikes killed a major bad guy in Afghanistan.
  • Jones case against the Sandy Hook parents showed he perjured himself, and don’t get me going on him. Read the books on how his peeps trailed these parents, shot at their vehicles, causing them to go into hiding, and more. Guess I did go on, but justified, however, he wasn’t. Now claiming he’s bankrupt, but hiding his money in off shore accounts.
  • The Vets suffering despicable health problems from burn pits received health coverage. Thanks, Jon Stewart. Biden’s son Beau probably died from this.
  • The Chip Bill passed assuring our national security. Thanks, Gina Raimondo, future president. Let’s start a rumor… We need her at the helm..


And in November we are having a…


Photo by Aaron Kittredge on

Here are the specifics..

  • Naomi Biden, 28, is a Washington DC lawyer. She is the eldest grandchild of Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle.
  • Naomi met her beau, Peter Neal, 24, on a set up by friends while in NYC.
  • Peter is in his last year of law school at University of Pennsylvania.
  • He is from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and has worked extensively on democratic campaigns.
  • The location of the nuptials is uncertain . The reception will be held at the White House.
  • Last White House reception, Jenna Bush in 2008. Overdue for another – time for some love…
Congratulations to the happy couple..

Picture from Naomi’s instagram account.

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