Sim Card Dilemma

Upon my return from Europe received a $165. Verizon phone bill. Realized it was time to change. Decided on Mint as we had a successful marriage, with divorce occurring only because the West Virginia mountains occluded their service. Have always liked Ryan Reynolds, actor, and Mint owner. Any man who can do a Pandemic with a wife, 3 daughters, and mother in law has my heart.

Hope he had a man cave.

All this said Verizon did not give up without a fight, and customer service problems remained with misinformation, and long chat times once I used the ugly words “switch service.” Verizon did own up to locking the SIM Card, and due to a manufacture glitch an additional 2 week wait was necessary before the card could be unlocked, and Mint service begun. Translation: another Verizon bill.

SIM Card

Waited the time frame and an extra 2 days, but still problems occurred in this transition. It was the Mint folks who helped during this process, suggesting I visit the Verizon store as I had purchased the phone from them. Once at the Verizon store they were pleasant but no longer had my information in their system. They suggested I visit the nearby computer store as the SIM Card tray connection was problematic.

Sim Card Tray

Arrived at the computer store, told my concerns, and within 2 minutes I had service, and with no need for a new SIM Card tray. When I inquired what was done was told,

“Just had to play with the Settings.”

Time taken to change service: 10 hours.

Cost for Mint Service for 12 months: $240.

Help from the computer store technician: Priceless

I received no kickbacks from this endorsement, but recommend you take a look at Mint and tell your friends.

Mint Logo

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