Sweet Sentiments


I am a democrat/liberal, however, even a staunch hearted b-tch like me softens viewing Dick Cheney’s political ad for his daughter. If you haven’t seen it, check it out..


August 2021 Rodeo Night in Wyoming

The Cowboys

Liz Cheney has a political war chest of 6 million with only 3% coming from Wyoming constituents. At last look she is down 20 points to her rival, an adamant tr supporter, and believer in the big lie. Since I lived in Wyoming for 3 months am well aware of their beliefs. When working there heard many times,

“He’s not my president.” OR “The guy who stole the presidency.”

More Wyoming

Since I grew up in New York State I knew the damage and havoc tr creates. I have heard of him since I was an early teen, and while not a republican feel badly he has caused this woman to go down in flames, and her party as well.

I’m sure Liz will write a great book, make millions, and enjoy becoming a political analyst for a major television network after this is all over. And who knows perhaps once her party straightens out she will be the come back kid, and rule it all, or maybe, just maybe, she’ll become a democrat… A lot of people from California are moving to Wyoming…………………………………….

More Bear River Park, never enough of this beautiful spot.

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