Big Win For Joe

With the senate vote on the Climate Change Bill it has been another big win for Joe Biden this week.. It’s been stated that the House will vote on Friday, and that vote is assured. Leaf, here I come! Who cannot consider purchasing an EV with these kind of incentives. Have you driven an EV? It is sublime…………

Think I’ll go blue with next car. I want to match my politics.

Listening to the pundits and polls over the weekend news feeds I hear repeatedly the Dems are going to loose their majority mid-term. They speak of Biden’s low approval numbers, inflation, and this, and that rhetoric but abortion is the issue. This is being swept under the carpet and not too fast boys, have a little secret tale to tell.

Remember her?

In another life while an administrator for the NYS Department of Corrections, I visited prisons throughout the State. It was during this time that Hill was running for the Senate. Most of the gals who work for the prison system are married to correction officers. On prison visit after prison visit I heard the same “secret” from these women. “My husband doesn’t know it, but I’m voting for her.” She won big in this election.

Women can be very secretive when needed, but one thing is certain…

They get the job done.

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and Siena can poll all they want, but this is the issue on the ballot this year. Prior to Kansas voting the polls were 46 to 47% in favor of this issue. End vote: it won by almost 20 percent.

Numbers don’t lie.

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