Stay Healthy, America

I have always been healthy. I learned I had to from childhood as my parents did not believe in doctors. While they weren’t Jehovah Witnesses, they knew health care cost money, and were frugal/cheap, and too tell the truth, they didn’t like me.

For years before I knew of mantras I would say, “I am healthy,” numerous times of the day. It cures many ailments.

Try it, you may be surprised.

At 66 I am having some problems. While some issues are resolved, or resolving, answers are needed on other issues. Am trying to get an appointment with my doctor of 5 years ago, so today will be spent waiting by the phone for a call back.

Please ring soon..

These last 5 years I have been unable to get an appointment, and used quick clinics for assist. However, right now I need more involved service. And while that sounds like an oil change, and believe me that would be 100% easier, and cheaper on Wednesdays, I wait. I digress..


Reading the news feeds this is going to even get worse in the red states. This is where I am located. Recruiters calling ob/gyn docs with job openings are hearing, “Roe vs. Wade,” and being hung up on. This I can understand, and already written of this. Either a doc treats and is jailed, or lets the woman die, and it’s manslaughter. Legal bills whatever the case, and with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student debt who can afford that risk.

And unlike politicians, Doctors, follow their Oaths.

This article further stated family practice docs are hanging up the phone on recruiters as well. Many red states are considering or implementing laws where jail time is faced educating on contraception, or giving contraceptive means. This translates to health care for all as we loose family practice doctors. Guess changes in health care won’t be needed as we’ll be killing off the entire population.

Something to think about.

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