Campaign Commercial Season

It’s begun.. It’s official.. And in many ways it’s predictable, and humorous.

The Campaign Commercial Season is hereI

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The Florida ads have been nasty with the republicans always calling out the candidates but never saying what they will do besides the usual:

  • Pro life
  • Conservative Values
  • Right to carry arms

Then the ad ends with their family, and never understood how all the candidates have blonde wives. Of course all the commercials in the South have women with long blonde hair whether they are selling a candidate or dental replacements. And, if they have a member of family in uniform they are omnipresent.

They need to put this gal in as their wife. They’d really get elected. Remember the movie Bombshell?

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When discussing the individual they are running against it’s always loud, angry voices, and ear piercing music stating these claims:

  • Didn’t vote for tr or ron de santis – well, dah.. they are a democrat.
  • Always votes 100% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Well, don’t all the repub always vote with Mitch?. Fact: they sign a waiver with Mitch once voted in that they will always vote the party line.

The Florida Governor Race Commercials

Have enjoyed the Charlie Crist commercials. He’s honest. says what he’s going to do. and for an older man he is incredibly sexy. Nice smile. HA! HA! in reviewing his credentials he’s held about every political job in the State, and currently is in congress. He wants to be the governor, and has been before. With his qualifications, and job experience he probably should run for President.

His competitor, the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Was surprised by his commercials as he is testy to the point of nasty with his stance on gays, Disney, school books being sequestered, and of course the artificial COVID numbers. His commercial today was a reading of letters from constituents thanking him for all he does.

He must be taking lessons from those Florida Big Box christian churches where the pastors make 6 figures as they brainwash the congregation in their bible interpretation. Recall Jim Baker? He’s still around doing a Pod cast in Missouri, while Tammy is deceased. I digress.. Sorry, needed to be said. I liked Tammy eyelashes and all.

She wasn’t homophobic, she had a heart.

The Florida Senate Race Commercials

Next, Val Demings – a pithy, former Orlando police chief, with a stellar record on decreasing crime now in the House running for the Senate.

She’s running against Marco Rubio, and her ads say he doesn’t come to work or vote, which Florida voters know but don’t seem to care. They laugh, but this ain’t a laughing matter. He never smiles, always looks angry, and disheveled. He tried to pass a bill so women couldn’t leave the state for abortion care, and this weekend dissed the cap on insulin coverage.

Marco, Do you even care? His ads are filled with old, obese, white policemen attacking Demings. It is a lie, and disgrace of what he is saying. Guess he can’t tell the real truth about Val, she gets the job done!

I’m just glad I have a functional mute button. Will be using it a lot this season.

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