Health Care Prices

Photo by my daughter, Jeanie

Am in New York City today but write this article a wee bit earlier. As you read I am enjoying Evan Hansen, or hope I am. Heard mixed reviews on this play, but whatever the case am only spending $65. for a ticket, they premiered at $350. This is a real deal in Broadway terms, but don’t use my judgement on plays. Hamilton gave me a migraine, I didn’t understand any of the lyrics. Just too fast for me. If you are a Hamilton fan visit his home in northern Manhattan. Fascinating.

Prior to departure wanted to refill the pancreatic enzymes I am currently on. I take these critters before and after eating any morsel of food, or else an explosion of poo occurs within an hour or minutes. Immediate fatigue then occurs as digested food is absorbed from the colon, therefore, when food is not absorbed the body is not nourished, therefore, fatigue. A good biology lesson, but yes too much information, and I am contemplating anorexia………..

The Pancreas – kind of looks like a gun or erect penis. God, when you were creating us what was on your mind? So many things has this design.

Walgreens sent me an email stating I must pay $10,983.99, for the 810 pills. I freak as I was able to get these via AMAZON in a naturally, not federally regulated pill for $138. In the reviews folks who can’t afford the platinum version are buying these with the the same effect, no explosions. I call Walgreens. If I wait another 4 days I can get the drug for $200. as I am reordering too early. Does this make sense? And who pays for the $10,700. balance? Medicare? While I pay over $5000 a year in premiums this doesn’t seem right. Let’s hope Joe’s new bill fixes this one.

A wise senior man once said to me – “Why are they keeping us around so long?” I now know, so we can provide child care for our kids as the government never seems to fund that.

No easy answers..

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