Fox News – Why?

Our world is crazy, and listening to voices like FOX only make us crazier.

I understand why as the eye candy with the blonde hair, short skirts, and v necks are distracting. Men like to see stupid women, and viewers average age is 68, all white, and probably male though I couldn’t locate that statistic. Sex sells, especially with old men trying to recapture their youth, and Rupert Murdoch, an Aussie born Brit, and FOX owner, is responsible for this. He capitalized on this market and is laughing all the way to the bank as these crazed ideas split our country apart. I often wonder why? It is beyond money and greed, it is about destruction. He has unleashed something that will take generations to heal.

Sorry fellas, no legs or cleavage.

Fox has a near hypnotic affect on viewers, and holds the #1 spot in the news cycle. It is said they are getting bored with tr, and he hasn’t been granted an interview in well over 100 days. One wonders, what their next tact will be to keep viewers hypnotized, and foaming at the mouth to maintain ratings. Perhaps shorter skirts, deeper necklines, higher heels, and dumber women, but the key question..

How much more destruction do you wish to spawn in the United States?

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on

Take that, Rupert Murdoch.

No wonder why Martha Stewart dumped you.

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