Follow-up from 8/9/22 blog: Success

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Have been trying to find a doctor for several months. 5 years ago I signed on with a doc but never can get through the phone lines, or an appointment within a reasonable timeframe. I called last Monday, and the message said I’d have a response in 24 hours. On Wednesday at 11 a.m., I was graced with a call back. I was in NYC, and had been waiting by the phone for 2 days plus when in Florida, and I mean that literally. I did not leave the house waiting. When I received the call back I was shocked, in the middle of something in NYC, and not equipped to make an appointment.


I told the scheduler the above information asking what to do. She said call back. and I said yes and wait 3 days by the phone?. I said thank you, good bye, and hung up. The next day the office manager called with a tone saying they were having staffing problems, someone was caring for her mother in hospice who any day would die, and they can’t keep up. Forgive me, but tmi, (too much information), and is this not a business? The women continued her rant getting louder, and talking faster. I said I did not want to be screamed at, and then she went on about she never screams at anyone – well, lady you are, but bit my tongue.

I was getting a tongue lashing when I only wanted an appointment. Then when I asked the purpose of this call she stated since I had berated her office staff I was not allowed to continue service with their medical group. At this point after being spoken to like a child, and attempting to get an appointment with this group for 5 years, this was a relief. Always liked the female doc there but something better is out there.

Yeah, it’s over!!! The woman finally shut up and got to the point..

Called 3 other practices, and no one was taking new patients. Recall, I am not Ashton Kutcher… Mayo Clinic only gives appointments to the prominent, or “interesting cases,” which Ashton had both, and I’m sure he’ll probably donate a building, or a million to Mayo.

I digress, though not my war with this group.

However, one gal from Baptist Health was kind, listened to my story about being kicked out of a practice, and referred me to I now have a doctor and an appointment on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Who says the government doesn’t do something for us?

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