Contributing to Elections

I am a sucker for campaign emails. Every day I get more and more from states like North Dakota, Kentucky, and Ohio, and I contribute a little to each. I do this as I know the republicans have mega donors and the Democrats lack these big pockets. We need the Democrats in office to protect our

world and democracy.

Today on NPR the writer of a book called, The Destructionists: The 25 Year Crack Up of the republican party*, was reviewed. Its author, Dana Milbrrok, is a Washington Post political columnist. In his NPR interview he discussed how the republicans played out the tragic death of Vince Foster, Newt Gingrich’s rise to power, through to the January 6th insurrection. While I want to read the book it will only anger me, and cause more sleepless nights. I have enough of these, however, I will probably read the book.

Typical Night

But, bottom line is why?? It all boils down to money. When I lived in North Carolina my elderly landlord was a 24/7 Fox watcher. She received Newt’s updates in the mail where he was crying for contributions. This money goes to his wallet, same as tr which was proven by the January 6th Committee as $250 million is unaccounted for.

Thus far $122 million in contributions has been returned by trump through court intervention.

If only all these monies given could be spent on the poor, the hungry, and those needing housing.

That is the real travesty.


Recently, after 1200 blogs decided to take a Word Press class. While this old gal didn’t understand most of it, I realized I had some comments. Thank you. I only write for myself, but nice to know one or two folks do read what I write. Hope you get a laugh or some insight.

*I never capitalize a name or identity I have no respect for. It’s not a grammar thing.

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