You never know…

While in New York City had an event on the subway. I am always cautious having lived through 9/11. And when a group of hooded late teens carrying back packs unleashed fireworks on the subway I was concerned.

Another woman and I stood as the teens ran back and forth opening subway windows to curtail the smoke. When they began to unscrew items on the wall of the train my concern deepened. Were they going to use these metal items as weapons?

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Next they huddled in the back of our car as I sat calling 911 to report the incident. I was fearful, speaking quietly as I made the report, then cell service ended as the subway hit a dead zone. The perpetrators continued their antics running up and down the length of the car.

They took their final run and departed the car. When I stood to monitor their activity through the door window a young man of slight built brushed past me, and held the subway car door. As the perpetrators attempted to return to our car, he held the door fast. The teens left the subway at the next stop.

You never know when, and who will rise to the occasion.

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