Afghanistan: One Year Later

Photo by Lara Jameson on

Nestled between Iran and Pakistan is Afghanistan, a country where America’s longest war was fought. Here 2448 American lives were lost, and trillions of dollars spent, but I never actually knew where this country was. Shame on me for being an ugly American. However, I always believed we never should have been there.

Many others before us tried to help, and it never worked.

Much will be said in the 2024 presidential commercials on how Biden botched the American departure of Afghanistan. I think he was the only president with the grit to end this debacle. I shutter every time I think of the Ken Burns documentary on Viet Nam. Johnson knew for years it was a loosing battle, however, he continued to send in our amazing American soldiers.

All those lives lost.

As we are seeing in the Ukraine, there is no value in war.

Afghanistan is suffering horrifically with their economy in ruins, hunger, and the fate of women and girls is unfathomable. The Taliban said girls could continue education, however, as of 6th grade they no longer can. They are liars. We knew that. While their officials say they cannot afford to educate women they can afford guns to maintain control via fear.

One wonders where the money for the guns come from?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Some courageous women have begun schools to teach these girls beyond 6th grade. The girls must dress in full garb only showing their eyes, and their teachers are risking their lives doing this venture.

Hearing this, I applaud these courageous women in the hopes this continues and expands.

No easy answers.

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