Day 2: Pizza, Stephen Colbert, Times Square, Subway, Chinatown, and Evan Hansen

Day 2 of the visit was eclectic. With the pristine weather left early and decided to walk the City. Stopped at Lincoln Center and viewed the quiet monoliths. There were no scheduled performances except free venues and I received literature on those. The theater at Lincoln had interesting movies, however, they conflicted with my schedule so I continued to walk enjoying all the sites and sounds the City offered.


Walked past some of my favorite spots..

99 Cent Pizza is the best in the City. Took back 2 pies to Florida. YUM!

And on to the subway with some beautiful and intriguing new art..

Next Chinatown

Here I had a massage, lunch, and viewed the Chinese soldiers. In Chinatown you can never get a bad massage or lunch, always memorable.

My Florida Garden Protectors

And the last event, Dear Evan Hansen

Well acted and interesting story line, but, not my cup of tea. A well intentioned lie brings a family together in a time of crisis and goes too far. Kind of like our government?? Of course that wasn’t well intended..

Many young adults in their 20’s were there with mom and pop taking in the show. The “kids” oohed and aahed, so if you want a bonding event with your 20 something “kid” suggest you get tickets to the show. They are now a third of what they cost originally. Were $350. a seat at one time, and now in the $80 range for nosebleed section.

After leaving the theater there was much ado in Times Square. The kpop (?) band from South Korea were releasing their new tunes on the Times Square billboards. Not a fan but fun to see all the crazed visitors capturing the UPC codes to hear their new music.

Ended the day at Trader Joe’s on 72nd St. purchasing $50 worth of groceries not able to locate in Florida. If you enjoy grocery stores stop here. Great service, prices, and an overall fun experience.

Lastly, don’t forget Grey’s Papaya across the street- what a delicious drink.

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