Day 5: Gouverneur Island

Took the ferry from Brooklyn to Gouverneur Island which was a 5 minute ferry ride and if you schedule before noon – it’s free.

The Ferry from Red Hook – parking free at this site

If you have a bike bring it, otherwise you will have to rent, and recommend using the island venue verses the Citi bikes. The Citi bikes are $15 an hour and ours stopped at an inopportune time. Surreys are also available, but challenging to maneuver.

And of course walking is another possibility.😊

Oh what views..

There is much to do and see on the Island. Gouverneur’s military presence dates back to the Revolutionary War, and has been used up to the 1970’s when the Cold War Pact was signed with Russia. Shaded picnic tables are available, playgrounds for children, and two military fortifications to visit.

Let’s visit in pictures.

Commander’s Home where the Cold War Pact was signed by Regan and Khrushchev.

Other military family homes – take a walk through as fascinating structures. There are tours available but book early.

A mishmash of items to enjoy – from urban farming to new ways of electricity to interesting art.

Kids would love this – but remember to remove your shoes before entering.

A collage of fun things to do..

What a great place to visit.

Final View – miss it already.

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