Congratulations Val and Charlie

Val Demings, who was on the short list for Joe Biden’s Vice President, is now in contention for the Florida senate seat which I believe she will win. She’s already 4 points above her opponent, a 2 term flunkie who was recently boo’ed at a campaign stop. How does Florida elect these people – he voted against the Chip legislation, against capping the cost of insulin. However, it was a wonder he even voted on these issues as he rarely shows, and has missed votes on 90% of the laws for seniors. Show Rubio the door Val..

Doesn’t he know he represents Florida!

Enough of the flunkie.. Val was 27 years on the Orlando police force, and their chief for many of those years. Born in a 2 room wooden home in Jacksonville, to a mother a maid, and father a janitor, she is a survivor with grit. Who knows where she’ll go next, and wherever that is you’ve got my vote girlfriend!

Charlie Crist is running for Florida governor, a position he formerly held. He won the primary by almost 30 points over his rival. He is abandoning his congressional seat as he feels Florida is going in the wrong direction, and I agree. Devoted to public service this man has been in almost every position possible in the state system, and currently serves in the House of Representatives for the people of Tampa.

He is pro-choice, and for all the issues that will obtain my vote, but mainly he is running to restore the decency of Florida. We have lost that with our current governor. Currently, Charlie is neck and neck with his autocrat opponent but all are underestimating the power of the female vote.

🎉Make sure you vote ladies!

Caveat: In my next blogs will write of my trip to Plains, Warm Springs, and La Grange, Georgia. What a fun trip. So many Warnock and Abrams signs – fingers crossed. Heard much NPR on the road and in particular a horrific conversation with a group from Arizona where they are encouraging a homicide conviction for women who have an abortion. And the red states that are going for this have the death penalty on their books, which means.. Have an abortion and it is the electric chair.

I know some are saying this can’t be true, but who thought after 50 years of Roe that would be overturned?. Gynecologists and obstetricians are busily closing up shop in red states for fear of what will occur. This is beyond abortion, it is women’s health care.

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