Georgia Visit Day 1: Flea Market and Plains Visit

Cotton fields are endless in Georgia

On my way to Plains and Warm Springs, Georgia. What a rural state Georgia is with cotton fields lining every road. Experienced fear when my gas gauge said empty, and for 30 miles there was no station on well traveled route 19, however, I made it.

Saw a sign for a flea market and took a detour. Glad I did as found many bargains with friendly vendors at Tifton Flea Market, open Saturday and Sundays.

Ample Parking, great vendor selection.

Some great prices as well. Plants were $5., a great assortment of home decor – plates to towels, fruits and vegetables, children’s toys, and the navy dress, $8, and washes like a dream. What fun!

This was a nice detour as the journey to Plains was long. Glad to see this sign.

And even more grateful to see this sign.

Plains is a beautiful small town of 700 people. To imagine Jimmy Carter’s rise from his boyhood home (next blog), to naval officer, back to the peanut farmer after his father’s passing, then school and community board service, state senator, governor, to president, could only occur in America.

Stop at the beginning of the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail as you enter Plains. There is a new sculpture here given to celebrate Rosalynn’s recent birthday. Her butterfly gardens are throughout the town making it even more beautiful.


More photos of the ButterflyTrail.

Since Plains is small many of the historic sites are within walking distance.

The main street of Plains. Here are a few shops and one where a peanut butter soft serve cone can be obtained. Yum!

Next to the shops is the railroad station which served as presidential campaign headquarters.

Can you imagine?

This was only 50 years ago.. How times have changed.

All the historic sites in Plains are open to the public. Simply walk in and take a peek..

Another historic spot – President Carter’s brother Billy’s gas station. This had an amazing amount of memorabilia. Remember Billy Beer?? What fun to revisit this time in history.

Billy Carter Clothes

Other Memorabilia

Always Close

And for a laugh..

Next: The Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm

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