Jimmy Carter Boyhood Home

To me this President’s journey still seems inconceivable. Both he and Rosalynn have contributed more post presidentially than any other president, and they continue while in their 90’s. Known on the global stage, they also remain strongly rooted in their community. Talking with a volunteer at the museum both he and Rosalynn have had dinner with her three times.

Can you imagine having dinner with a former president and first lady?

The Boyhood Home in pictures.

The Family Home- the family moved into this rural, middle class dwelling in 1928. Heated by fireplaces and wood stoves there was no running water until 1938. It is restored to its 1930 appearance.

Jimmy’s Bedroom

Jimmy loved to read and enjoyed receiving correspondence from his Uncle who was in the Navy. This piqued his interest in travel and the world.

Family Kitchen and Dining Room

The Bathroom – while there was running water it remained cold. Note the silver bucket “shower.”

His parents and sister’s room

The Family Living Room

The Farm

Jimmy was always interested in clean energy, and during his Presidency promoted this with a particular emphasis on wind. The farm windmill, purchased in 1935 from a catalog for $100., provided the ability to pump water into the family home and farm. Though the water remained cold it eliminated the need to carry water to the home and livestock.


The Farm Managers – Jack and Rachel Clark Besides managing much of the farm the Clark’s also cared for the Carter children when their parents were away. Jimmy had a special bond with them both and often fished with Jack Clark.

The Clark Home

The Farm also had a store with irregular hours. Whenever someone came by, be it in the middle of dinner or early morn Jimmy would handle the transactions.

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