Roosevelt’s Little White House

FDR, a victim of polio at 39, first came to Warm Springs, Georgia, to partake of the “healing waters” the community had to offer. While here on one of his 40 plus visits he relaxed, and felt strengthened, however, never recovered from his affliction. He befriended many of those in the area during these visits staying in touch with the farming community, learning of their needs, and addressing them.

The state park has an interesting museum with many FDR keepsakes. Take in the Walter Cronkite narrated film, and question the knowledgeable park employees on the man who was one of the greatest presidents of all time.

Pictures of items in their collection:

There is an exhibit honoring Eleanor in the museum. Nice touch to honor a woman who did so much.

The Home

Nestled in the Pine Mountains the small home is a quaint and comfortable abode.

Servants Quarters

Guest House

The Main House Interior

The Living Room where FDR succumbed. Throughout the house are nautical themes. FDR was Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President Woodrow Wilson.

The Bedrooms

The Kitchen and Dining Room

On the grounds there is a walkway of the 50 states, a gift shop, and a building with a special display of the last unfinished FDR painting.

Close to the grounds are historic baths, however, due to staffing constraints they were closed at this time.

Nearby is the FDR State Park, where cabins with full amenities can be rented. Pine Mountain is a scenic area and a great place for a family stay.

Where reservations can be made for cabins. And if you don’t have time for a visit there are picnic tables with amazing views of the mountains next to this building.


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