Snug Harbor

This spot was where ship farers lived over a 100 years ago. Visited as my daughter was considering the area for her wedding. Snug Harbor is in Staten Island and a lovely site. Take a peek..

There also is a Chinese garden on the property.

While lovely we ruled out this site due to logistics as one must cross the Verrazano Bridge to arrive at Staten Island. Here’s the happy couple by the Verrazano…

And their new addition – Rocco, the Flying Wonder Dog – for another blog.

Day 2: Pizza, Stephen Colbert, Times Square, Subway, Chinatown, and Evan Hansen

Day 2 of the visit was eclectic. With the pristine weather left early and decided to walk the City. Stopped at Lincoln Center and viewed the quiet monoliths. There were no scheduled performances except free venues and I received literature on those. The theater at Lincoln had interesting movies, however, they conflicted with my schedule so I continued to walk enjoying all the sites and sounds the City offered.


Walked past some of my favorite spots..

99 Cent Pizza is the best in the City. Took back 2 pies to Florida. YUM!

And on to the subway with some beautiful and intriguing new art..

Next Chinatown

Here I had a massage, lunch, and viewed the Chinese soldiers. In Chinatown you can never get a bad massage or lunch, always memorable.

My Florida Garden Protectors

And the last event, Dear Evan Hansen

Well acted and interesting story line, but, not my cup of tea. A well intentioned lie brings a family together in a time of crisis and goes too far. Kind of like our government?? Of course that wasn’t well intended..

Many young adults in their 20’s were there with mom and pop taking in the show. The “kids” oohed and aahed, so if you want a bonding event with your 20 something “kid” suggest you get tickets to the show. They are now a third of what they cost originally. Were $350. a seat at one time, and now in the $80 range for nosebleed section.

After leaving the theater there was much ado in Times Square. The kpop (?) band from South Korea were releasing their new tunes on the Times Square billboards. Not a fan but fun to see all the crazed visitors capturing the UPC codes to hear their new music.

Ended the day at Trader Joe’s on 72nd St. purchasing $50 worth of groceries not able to locate in Florida. If you enjoy grocery stores stop here. Great service, prices, and an overall fun experience.

Lastly, don’t forget Grey’s Papaya across the street- what a delicious drink.

A Strange Loop


Arranged this visit as I specifically wanted to see this play after an NPR interview by Terry Gross.

Don’t you simply adore Terry Gross’ interviews?!..

A Strange Loop, has won the Pulitzer Prize, and Tony Award for Best Musical.

Written by Michael R. Jackson, it portrays his life as a black, homosexual man. Jackson wrote the book, play, music, and lyrics to this epic over the course of 18 years. It depicts his family life and their challenges accepting his orientation, and follows his life in New York City where he studied and graduated from New York University.

This moving play is both dramatic, and comedic, with music that will capture your soul. Jackson’s work is one you will never forget, and is a must see. The play has been extended beyond September.

If you have the chance take it in, and open your heart to this amazing work.

Main Character, Usher played by Kyle Ramar Freeman – This 23 year old is one who has quite a career ahead.

After the play the entire cast came out to the street to greet the audience.

What a phenomenal gesture.

New York City 8/10-8/14/2022 Day 1

Up at 3 a.m., and on the road by 3:30, for a 6 a.m. Delta flight costing $5.06. Don’t you just love those Delta miles!. Sat next to a pleasant woman on route to her daughter’s bridal shower. This made for an even better flight as my daughter’s wedding will be some time within the year. I learned much from this seasoned mother of the bride as this was the last of her 3 daughters to wed.

Possible wedding dress

Flight arrived promptly at 8:45 a.m., and hopped on the M60 bus to the Central Park West Hostel where I stored my bag. From here walked 20 plus blocks to Lincoln Center. While checking out the possible events at Lincoln Center came upon this free event. During the summer there are free shows, and musicians throughout the City. These musicians were music professors from SUNY New Paltz and an amazing jazz group.

The Professors

After their performance stopped by a food truck for a lamb gyro, the best in the world, and on to Times Square. The weather was stellar during this visit.

Oh what fun, and it’s only just begun………. ? isn’t that a wedding song?? Ha!Ha!

Afghanistan: One Year Later

Photo by Lara Jameson on

Nestled between Iran and Pakistan is Afghanistan, a country where America’s longest war was fought. Here 2448 American lives were lost, and trillions of dollars spent, but I never actually knew where this country was. Shame on me for being an ugly American. However, I always believed we never should have been there.

Many others before us tried to help, and it never worked.

Much will be said in the 2024 presidential commercials on how Biden botched the American departure of Afghanistan. I think he was the only president with the grit to end this debacle. I shutter every time I think of the Ken Burns documentary on Viet Nam. Johnson knew for years it was a loosing battle, however, he continued to send in our amazing American soldiers.

All those lives lost.

As we are seeing in the Ukraine, there is no value in war.

Afghanistan is suffering horrifically with their economy in ruins, hunger, and the fate of women and girls is unfathomable. The Taliban said girls could continue education, however, as of 6th grade they no longer can. They are liars. We knew that. While their officials say they cannot afford to educate women they can afford guns to maintain control via fear.

One wonders where the money for the guns come from?

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Some courageous women have begun schools to teach these girls beyond 6th grade. The girls must dress in full garb only showing their eyes, and their teachers are risking their lives doing this venture.

Hearing this, I applaud these courageous women in the hopes this continues and expands.

No easy answers.

Electric Vehicle Rebate

Was excited about the electric vehicle rebate. Initially articles stated the Chevy Spark was in the running for the rebate, and I quickly took a test drive. Met an amazing young saleswoman who was helpful, and I liked the ride. Electric cars are quiet.

Then reading further found the Chevy Bolt was the car with a rebate, but then another article stated no.

Finally, I went to the IRS site and found these are the cars with the $7500. rebate.

According to the IRS, the models that may now qualify for a tax credit after the Inflation Reduction Act was signed on Aug. 16, 2022, include:

2022 Audi Q5 PHEV
2022 BMW 3 Series PHEV, BMW X5 PHEV
2022 Chrysler Pacifica PHEV
2022 Ford Escape PHEV, F-150 LightningMustang Mach-ETransit Van
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee PHEV, Wrangler 4xe PHEV
2022 Lincoln Aviator PHEV, Corsair PHEV
2022 Lucid Air
2022 Nissan Leaf
2022 Rivian R1SR1T
2022 Volvo S60 Recharge PHEV
2023 BMW 3 Series PHEV
2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS
2023 Nissan Leaf

These are all pricey, except for the Nissan Leaf which runs high 20’s to early 30’s, however if one is able to obtain this pick there would be the rebate, and trade in making the car within reach.

The rebate comes in the form of a tax credit, and after 2024 it is given in cash under agreements with the car dealership.

So, in the meantime.. am in search of a Leaf – 239 miles for recharge and 5 out of 5 overall ratings.

Love that blue color.

Used Electric Vehicles also have a rebate of $4000. Haven’t located the law regs, but stay tuned if interested.

Contributing to Elections

I am a sucker for campaign emails. Every day I get more and more from states like North Dakota, Kentucky, and Ohio, and I contribute a little to each. I do this as I know the republicans have mega donors and the Democrats lack these big pockets. We need the Democrats in office to protect our

world and democracy.

Today on NPR the writer of a book called, The Destructionists: The 25 Year Crack Up of the republican party*, was reviewed. Its author, Dana Milbrrok, is a Washington Post political columnist. In his NPR interview he discussed how the republicans played out the tragic death of Vince Foster, Newt Gingrich’s rise to power, through to the January 6th insurrection. While I want to read the book it will only anger me, and cause more sleepless nights. I have enough of these, however, I will probably read the book.

Typical Night

But, bottom line is why?? It all boils down to money. When I lived in North Carolina my elderly landlord was a 24/7 Fox watcher. She received Newt’s updates in the mail where he was crying for contributions. This money goes to his wallet, same as tr which was proven by the January 6th Committee as $250 million is unaccounted for.

Thus far $122 million in contributions has been returned by trump through court intervention.

If only all these monies given could be spent on the poor, the hungry, and those needing housing.

That is the real travesty.


Recently, after 1200 blogs decided to take a Word Press class. While this old gal didn’t understand most of it, I realized I had some comments. Thank you. I only write for myself, but nice to know one or two folks do read what I write. Hope you get a laugh or some insight.

*I never capitalize a name or identity I have no respect for. It’s not a grammar thing.

You never know…

While in New York City had an event on the subway. I am always cautious having lived through 9/11. And when a group of hooded late teens carrying back packs unleashed fireworks on the subway I was concerned.

Another woman and I stood as the teens ran back and forth opening subway windows to curtail the smoke. When they began to unscrew items on the wall of the train my concern deepened. Were they going to use these metal items as weapons?

Photo by Pixabay on

Next they huddled in the back of our car as I sat calling 911 to report the incident. I was fearful, speaking quietly as I made the report, then cell service ended as the subway hit a dead zone. The perpetrators continued their antics running up and down the length of the car.

They took their final run and departed the car. When I stood to monitor their activity through the door window a young man of slight built brushed past me, and held the subway car door. As the perpetrators attempted to return to our car, he held the door fast. The teens left the subway at the next stop.

You never know when, and who will rise to the occasion.

Good-bye Liz Cheney? Think Not!

Congressional Photo

Last night Liz Cheney lost her primary by double digits. Despite scouring the internet unable to locate the exact numbers, but it was big, and we knew it was coming. She is the final adversary of the fascist to go down in flames.

However, I see big things ahead with this woman should she decide to stay in public office, and big money should she take the private sector route.

Thank you, Liz for your service.

Consider becoming a democrat, and move to a blue state.

The people of Wyoming will come to see the error of their ways.

Let’s hope its not too late.

Follow-up from 8/9/22 blog: Success

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

Have been trying to find a doctor for several months. 5 years ago I signed on with a doc but never can get through the phone lines, or an appointment within a reasonable timeframe. I called last Monday, and the message said I’d have a response in 24 hours. On Wednesday at 11 a.m., I was graced with a call back. I was in NYC, and had been waiting by the phone for 2 days plus when in Florida, and I mean that literally. I did not leave the house waiting. When I received the call back I was shocked, in the middle of something in NYC, and not equipped to make an appointment.


I told the scheduler the above information asking what to do. She said call back. and I said yes and wait 3 days by the phone?. I said thank you, good bye, and hung up. The next day the office manager called with a tone saying they were having staffing problems, someone was caring for her mother in hospice who any day would die, and they can’t keep up. Forgive me, but tmi, (too much information), and is this not a business? The women continued her rant getting louder, and talking faster. I said I did not want to be screamed at, and then she went on about she never screams at anyone – well, lady you are, but bit my tongue.

I was getting a tongue lashing when I only wanted an appointment. Then when I asked the purpose of this call she stated since I had berated her office staff I was not allowed to continue service with their medical group. At this point after being spoken to like a child, and attempting to get an appointment with this group for 5 years, this was a relief. Always liked the female doc there but something better is out there.

Yeah, it’s over!!! The woman finally shut up and got to the point..

Called 3 other practices, and no one was taking new patients. Recall, I am not Ashton Kutcher… Mayo Clinic only gives appointments to the prominent, or “interesting cases,” which Ashton had both, and I’m sure he’ll probably donate a building, or a million to Mayo.

I digress, though not my war with this group.

However, one gal from Baptist Health was kind, listened to my story about being kicked out of a practice, and referred me to I now have a doctor and an appointment on Thursday. Wish me luck!

Who says the government doesn’t do something for us?