This lovely antebellum home was the residence of Benjamin Harvey Hill, a Georgia lawyer, and senator in the 18th century. It is a fine example of the Greek Revival Period. In the early 1850’s, the home was built over 2 years by architect Nelson Franklin Tyler. While no original furnishings remain, the members of the La Grange Women’s Club, who currently own the estate have received rich donations of period pieces to adorn it. Bellevue was purchased by the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation in 1941, and gifted to the Women’s Club. Mr. Callaway was a wealthy resident who owned over 20 businesses in La Grange.

Some of the home’s beautiful rooms.

Bellevue is available for social and business events. Interested? Email Rates are reasonable and resident manager well versed in these functions. There are ample kitchen spaces, bathrooms, parking.

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