Legacy Museum on Main

This former bank building was owned by Fuller Callaway, Jr., owner of Hills and Dales, and is the home of the Troup County Archives, and Legacy Museum. It is a treasure trove of area artifacts with informative exhibits, and friendly staff. Admission is free. Expect to spend at least 90 minutes exploring this venue. It truly is fascinating.

The town of LaGrange began as a stage coach stop with pioneers using Indian trails to travel West. From these trails train lines were developed, and LaGrange became a passenger, and industrial station.

Cotton mills were plentiful in this area as well as agriculture. Fuller Earle Callaway had over 20 businesses in the area.

Some of Mr. Callaway’s businesses – a bank, agriculture farms, department store with mail order, and a wholesale grocery business.

A page from the Callaway catalog.

A replica of his office is seen at the Museum. Quite a busy office.

His portrait on the right.

Sarah Baxter Springer Mabry, (1827-1899), was a female business woman during this era. She owned a stocking factory selling her wares from California to Pennsylvania, and encouraged farmers to make silk worms. Her businesses varied from handmade lace to Peking Ducks – quite a combination. Sadly, no picture of Sarah was available.

The Automobile Exhibit

Here I learned the first person to invent the auto was not Ford, but Benz, and Bertha Benz had major role in this development besides financing most of her husband’s endeavor.


There are interesting movies in the bank vault. Take the time to view, especially if you are a car enthusiast.

The Bank Vault

Was unaware there were 15 million Model T Fords made. That was a chunk of cars, and hope I heard this stat accurately. One movie had a picture of the car JFK was killed in, and how the Beast’s* are made for presidents. Interesting fact, after Beasts are no longer used, they are destroyed. This is done to see how much impact the vehicle can absorb.

Much memorabilia was present at this exhibit as was information on almost every car manufacturer from GM to Studebaker to Cadillac to Fiat. This would be a fascinating read for car enthusiasts.

Troup County has had a Kia Plant for the past 15 years. Wonder if their executives toured the Museum prior to making the decision for the plant location? Would have been a keen marketing maneuver.

Few other interesting points…

Fuller Callaway, Jr. was a painter, and guess who gave him painting lessons – his neighbor Lamar Dodd. He was talented.

A Seascape by Fuller Callaway, Jr.


For those interested in Cemetery Tours.. Troup County has cemetery tours through the Historical Society 706-884-1828. Or if you are unable to catch a tour the Cemetery is available for a walk through.


A final picture of the Museum entrance.

*The Beast is the name of the President’s vehicle.

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