cowboys for trump

Did you read this? The New Mexico Otero County commissioner* has been fired, and barred from running for any future office due to his participation in the insurrection. Apparently, this commissioner, who is co-founder of cowboys for trump, went to the insurrection, and participated in the activities there.

According to the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, third section, written after the Civil War, bars any American citizen who takes up arms against the United States from serving in elected office.

This Amendment further states that anyone, who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion,” against the country, or those who gave “aid or comfort to,” our enemies.

Translation: the orange prez.

Time to start cleaning out all those who are running for office that participated. Think we need to start with the Pennsylvania Governor race where the republican candidate paid for buses for insurrectionist attendees.

Go Joe and Kamala

Think we need to change the button to say 2024.

*I take the liberty of not capitalizing any name, or title which does not respect democracy.

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